Artist Statement:

Evelyn Duberry, owner of ShebaMakeda Glass Art (www.ShebaMakeda.com) is a Canadian flameworked glass artist specializing in one of a kind, handmade glass beads and sculptures. Her work ranges from small shapes for jewellery to large, mixed media sculptures. While glass art is usually renowned for its brilliant transparency, Evelyn’s preference is for opaque and organic finishes customized with the use of fine metals, glass frits and powders. Her work hovers between a deep appreciation of the starkness of modern abstract art combined with an utter fascination with the deceptive simplicity of relics from ancient cultures.

No, despite rave reviews i did NOT buy the hat and boa...

Despite rave reviews i did NOT buy the hat and feather boa…


I like to play with fire and glass… and think out loud.

I’ve adored glass for as long as I can remember.  When I was very little, I loved holding my marble sets up to the sky and marveling as the colours sparkled and blended in the sunlight.  I would roll them in my hands revelling in the smoothness, varying shades and satisfying <clink> as they knocked together.

I moved from marbles to jewellery making and eventually accumulated a fine collection of glass beads.  I enjoyed making jewellery and my pieces sold well but I was always frustrated at the limited design possibilities of even high end (but still mass market) beads.  Over the years, I’ve dabbled in just about every craft medium out there.  Of course, none of them could ever produce what I really wanted: the beautiful, ethereal intensity of custom, flameworked glass.

In January 2006, I stumbled onto the WetCanvas Glass Art forum with its daily gallery of artist-made lampwork glass.  I was blown away – FINALLY there was a way for me to make my own glass beads and these people held the secret!  After six months of intense research to convince myself (…and family…and friends) that deliberately playing with fire inside my house wasn’t completely crazy, I bought a HotHead lampwork kit that spring.

At first, I was so scared of my torch it sat for two weeks – I would look at it and think “i should do this!” then I’d hear the voices of caution whispering: “you’re going to burn the house down, you’re going to burn the house down”.  Of course, I did eventually light that torch, spent every spare dollar (yes, even my cute shoes dollars) on glass, presses, frit, foil and all the other required paraphernalia, and so began my complete and total obsession with manipulating hot glass.

Funny thing happened along the way though… I’ve found the more I play and learn to control glass, the less interested I am in making beads for jewellery.


Evelyn Duberry

Glass Artist

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 



To join my mailing list send a message to:   evelyn@shebamakeda.com (also, be sure to add my email to your addressbook/contacts so my messages don’t end up in your spam folder)



19 thoughts on “About

  1. Oh lordy, my story is close, only I’m just a beginner flameworker. I had a stained glass business years ago and always loved glass too. I also dabbled in many craft areas, and finally jewelry making. I hope I don’t lost interest in that, as I spent too much money on purchased beads and findings! But, alas, if I even get anywhere near your awesome work, I’ll be happy!

  2. I’m in BC and looking to take a class on lampwork bead making in northern BC but having a hard time finding anyone in my area

  3. I found your blog from google and read your posts. It’s fun and I just add your blog to my Google Reader. Keep up your good posts friend. I’m Looking forward to read more fun from this blog. Thanks…

  4. WOW!……WOW! I am really impressed Eve , I always knew that you would come out with something really good , but this is really Great ! I love the uniqueness , it’s creative , the flow in how everything fits and most important to myself is that it is user friendly ( which is important ) and your writing style is everything Jenille mentioned “ditto” I Love it , really cool, a two thumbs up!

    Can’t wait to tell everyone about it , so hurry up with the final produduct girlfriend ***smile *** congatulation Evelyn! I’m very proud & happy for you .

  5. I love your writing style on this site (funny, inviting, and educational too). Great work!

    My favourite quote…
    “…then I’d hear the voices of caution whispering: “you’re going to burn the house down, you’re going to burn the house down”. 😉

  6. This is an awesome site! Congrets E! Really great job on the whole thing! I’m very impressed and I love the colour scheme (i.e., light and airy!). Excellent job!!!

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