Lampwork Supply Sources for Canadians

I first posted this information for someone on LE back in November 2007 (last updated February 2013) and figured others might find it useful as well. I update it as I find new sources…


Are you an Ottawa/Outaouais/Eastern Ontario/Western Quebec area glass bead artist?  Then do follow or join our  network  following any of the links below:



Annual show & sale:


Glass beadmaking classes and studio torch rentals are offered at the following locations – check each website or contact them for further details:

***I’m not teaching at the moment.  For the latest details/updates about my teaching schedule, click  the events tab on my Facebook Page or click HERE . ***

– – Grace has set up an absolutely FABULOUS lampwork teaching studio. I’ve both demoed and taken classes here – lots of famous glass bead artists come to teach here from all over the world. You can take an e-tour of the studio HERE.  (Ottawa, ON)

– – offers a variety of classes plus has a gallery featuring handmade glass beads, finished glass art jewellery and functional glass objects.

– – offers jewellery making and metal clay as well as lampwork classes. (Scarborough, ON)

– – a downtown Toronto option for lampwork classes (Toronto, ON)

– – Red Deer College offers classes through their continuing ed program (Red Deer, AB)

– – a non-profit co-operative glassblowing & flameworking studio offering artist work space and classes in glass arts  (Vancouver, BC)

I recently tried glassblowing classes – totally not my thing but still… SO MUCH FUN!  Here in Ottawa you have a couple options:

– – one of the coolest thing about this hotshop is it’s run by women. I took a class with Melody and made several bubbles & paperweights.  (Preston & Gladstone in Ottawa)

– – i haven’t been here yet but David Patersen’s classes come well recommended

Most large city centres also offer glassblowing classes so just google for your closest option…


96COE Furnace glass: (Reichenbach, Kugler, Zimmerman, Gaffer, etc. lampworking rods, frits & powder – all US suppliers)

104COE Glass, equipment, tools and supplies:  There are lots of online lampwork purchasing options on this side of the border, so no need to order from the US and pay exorbitant shipping and custom charges (not to mention the exchange rate!).  For insurance purposes, it’s also a good idea to buy equipment from a Canadian retailer/distributor even if it costs a little extra to ensure your oxycon or kiln are tested & CSA certified.  If you’re outside Canada (depending on the exchange rate), these Canadian suppliers might be a good deal for you as well. – Grace is your go to source for Lauscha glass colours from Germany, especially the fabulous Lauscha clear.  She also carries three other lines of glass, Effetre, Creation is Messy (CIM) and Double Helix as well as lots of frit, tools and lampworking equipment and supplies. If you don’t see something you want on site, just call/email and ask.  (Ottawa, Ontario) – has a wide selection of lampwork glass, equipment and supplies  and stock the new fun odd lots and silver glasses quickly (London, Ontario) – mostly sells Bullseye 90COE glass.  (Toronto, Ontario) – extensive variety of torches, tools, soft (mostly Effetre, CIM & silver glasses) and 33COE borosilicate glass.  These are the people who make the world famous Nortel torches so you can even try out a torch when you visit (call first).  The website is a bit dated and they mostly cater to large quantity purchases through wholesale accounts so it’s better to call (ask for Jean) or drop by. They are super nice and accommodating if you visit (just don’t expect a store front as it’s a manufacturing site) and usually have all kinds of rare goodies you won’t find at other suppliers.   (Scarborough, Ontario)

– – west coast option for lampworking supplies (Vancouver, BC)


Frit: Most of the Canadian suppliers above sell frit in single colours or blends although choices can be somewhat limited.  For specific colours, I get most of my single colour frit from various vendors on eBay or Etsy as it’s relatively cheap to ship and the US sellers seem to have a wider variety. – Over the years I’ve bought a lot of frit from her!   She carries a very wide range of the intense furnace glass frits and will get a colour in if you ask even if she has to make the frit herself.  I like that i can buy just an ounce or two of each colour at a time.  Her packaging was beautiful, neat and shipping affordable.  (United States)

Frit blends: (all US suppliers)


Bead presses: Either from the suppliers above, google them or check the garage sale or the vendor ads on LampworkEtc (LE) – there are sooo many suppliers! I’ve purchased from zooziis, Cattwalk and CGBeadrollers but there are many more and each makes fairly unique products.

If you’re looking for a deal, the garage sale on LE is a great spot to buy used/surplus supplies, equipment & tools from other artists – as theses are one on one sales, buyer beware.  I’ve had good experiences but know others who haven’t.

I’ve tried almost all of the sellers listed here and all have provided good service to me or another artist i know.  Feel free to add your suggestions for other suppliers and details about your experiences in the comment box below.

Happy Torching!


3 thoughts on “Lampwork Supply Sources for Canadians

  1. Joanne Andrigetti has andregetti glass in Vancouver… She is really nice and will order anything for anybody… I live on the East coast and have bought things from her because I know that I will get them!


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