This commercial completely cracks me up!!!

Honestly, everytime this commercial comes on the TV i end up bursting into laughter (for all the wrong reasons) and i’m usually in tears and gasping for breath before the commercial ends…. I wonder if the creators of this Pull-ups diaper ad realize how hilariously subversive this commercial is?

Plus, you know rap has gone completely and utterly mainstream when it’s used to sell diapers and has toddlers, their parents and communities grabbing their crotches and street dancing!


i almost bought these shoes…


they’re stunningly, frivolously, fabulously beautiful
and all my favourite colours.

i had dreams about them.  seriously.
showcased with a fantastic pencil skirt and an airy white shirt…
watching them dangle flirtatiously from the bottom of my jeans…
thinking about how they’d sparkle in the lights while i made my moves on the dance floor.

i even planned to make big beads in colours to match –
yes, another one of my ever so rare sets!

think about it…
just sitting there on a patio with my girlz
sipping a martini
enjoying the spring weather,
people watching
and chatting…
catching up on our lives.

and then i’d look down…
and i’d see my own fabulous beads
in all my fave colours
strung into a stunning necklace
nestled in the collar of my crisp white linen shirt
(ok, maybe not so crisp since this would probably be after work)
glistening in the evening sun.

and then i’d look further down
down the looonnng, lean expanse
of my blue jean covered legs…
(umm, ok i admit it. there may be a slight exaggeration here on the long part…)
(uuuhh, ok yeah.  perhaps a bit on the lean part too…)

and see my FAB-ulous new shoes
and my freshly manicured (and colour coordinated!) toes.

and i would be so caught by all this combined beauty
i would just have to breathe: “oooooooooooooooooooo”
and my girlz would catch the same view and also breathe:
“oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo those shoooeeesss…”

and then the other women passing…
at least the ones who understand
that since comfort and cute can’t always be combined
cute should win – most of the time
…only within the context of shoes, of course.

…they would also look down
and be caught in the colourful kaleidoscope 
of my stunningly beautiful fab shoe/custom bead combo.
and they’d lift their eyes to mine and smile
and say: “ooooooooooooooo… nice shoooooeeeessss!”
“…and nice beads tooooo!”

And i’d contentedly sip my girlie martini
or maybe Bellini cuz that would definitely match!

And know just for that one moment 
that my lampworking skillz
and my fashionista street cred were perfectly aligned in my world.

p.s. Can you tell i can’t wait for the new Sex and the City Movie to open?
(And no, i didn’t buy them, i stocked up on glass instead. choices. sigh)

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My kitten is hilarious…

Busta striking a pose2 

i mean, can you believe this pose????  He was lying there sleeping in the sunlight just like that and when i called him he kinda rolled his head to side and gave me that look…

Busta striking a pose

…and then he just stretched back out and dozed off again. In the wild, i believe this pose is known to predators as “Eat me”.


 This pose is known as “Eat me…” too.  “…with ketchup”.


I wish you could have seen the contortions that preceded this photo: he was stretched out on his back napping (right in the middle of the way, as usual), when he saw his own tail twitch.  So of course he had to chase it.  But how do you bite the other end of your body when you’re lying on your back…?  By kinda spinning in circles like this.  (yes, he did catch that darned tail!)

Busta in a normal cat pose

And finally, here he is pretending to be a normal cat… rather than the dog that deep down he truly thinks he is.  The Teenager calls this pose a “kitten loaf”.

Ode to Effetre Copper Green

Ode to Copper Green 

Copper green, you are my bane

Copper green, you’re driving me insane!

You spit, you pit, you crack, you shock

Mixing you with certain colours just makes icky schlock

I love you! Why can’t you love me back?

Why must each turn in the flame coat you with gunky black?

I know i can etch you but i want you to shine

and avoid using chemicals that reek worse than turpentine

You’re pale green in the rod, so light, so pretty

But when you come out of the kiln you’re a weirdly deep, bluish verdigris??

Wassup with that, you crazy colour?

You make me want to scream and holler!

You’re making me late with my custom order

The fuglies you’ve given make me want to scream bloody murder!

I start out each time thinking i’ve found just the right blend

then incompatibility, weird colour reactions – you’re driving me off the deep end!

And then just when i think i’ve conquered your tricks

What’s that i hear?  Oh noooo, it’s cracking! “snick”

You screwed me, so now i must start again

I hate you! i hate you! you’re no longer my friend!

Oh, I’m kidding, I still love you.  I just needed to vent

Let’s go dance in the flame once more seeking mutual contentment…

© ShebaMakeda Glass Art


These quizzes are fun timewasters…

STEAK, originally uploaded by NicnBill.

  • i’m 52% likely to eat my friends if starving in a blizzard (frankly i’m surprised it’s not higher)
  • i could take on a mere 16 five year olds in a fight
  • my dead body is worth $3990 (that’s it???)
  • i only have a 30% chance of surviving a zombie apocalypse
  • i’m 45% geek (no duh?)
  • i’m only 36% effective as a human shield
  • and i only have a 12% chance of surviving a crash landing on the moon.  

Completely hilarious, try ’em yourself: