My kitten is hilarious…

Busta striking a pose2 

i mean, can you believe this pose????  He was lying there sleeping in the sunlight just like that and when i called him he kinda rolled his head to side and gave me that look…

Busta striking a pose

…and then he just stretched back out and dozed off again. In the wild, i believe this pose is known to predators as “Eat me”.


 This pose is known as “Eat me…” too.  “…with ketchup”.


I wish you could have seen the contortions that preceded this photo: he was stretched out on his back napping (right in the middle of the way, as usual), when he saw his own tail twitch.  So of course he had to chase it.  But how do you bite the other end of your body when you’re lying on your back…?  By kinda spinning in circles like this.  (yes, he did catch that darned tail!)

Busta in a normal cat pose

And finally, here he is pretending to be a normal cat… rather than the dog that deep down he truly thinks he is.  The Teenager calls this pose a “kitten loaf”.


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