Making (some) progress…


Slowly getting this pile of beads from the last few months photographed… Next will be to edit and size them all before actually creating listings in my Etsy store.  Siiiggghh… This the super boring part of beadmaking (hence why my store is usually empty) – second only to cleaning beads.

And because I am a total procrastinator when faced with unpleasant chores, here’s the same pic as above run through the Percolator app on my phone. Cool, huh?


OK, back to work…


No time to torch…

…but i still managed to make a goddess. This is one of my daily 365 Project photos – so far i’m just loving this creativity resolution.  I struggle with photography but taking a picture everyday really forces me to think about the subject, framing, etc.  Hopefully by the end of the year there will be an obvious improvement…

Peek into my world…

peek into my world...

One of my 2011 resolutions is to complete The 365 Project – take a photo a day, every day and post it online for the full year.  I’ve wanted to participate in this online public art project for years but never got around to it – carrying a bulky camera around was just too inconvenient.  Now that i have an iPhone though, it’s completely doable and given the multitude of photo capture and editing apps in iTunes, actually kinda fun!  I’m hoping this project will really spur my creativity in addition to also improving my photography skills…

So far i’m quite enjoying myself and have lots of ideas of what to post (thanks to the many blogs discussing the project).  I’ve decided to keep a completely open mind and capture whatever strikes my fancy rather than maintaining a specific theme.  My son (in the pic) and one of my sisters are participating as well and we’re all hoping we have the stamina to last through the full 365 days – seems daunting when i’m only at Day #4!

Sooo… if you’d like a daily peek into my life as a part-time glass bead artist, click the picture above to get to my 365Project profile and subscribe to follow me there… these pics will only occasionnally show up on this blog.

Testing the new camera’s macro

The picture files are HUGE but so far i’m impressed with the detail in close up shots.   I’ll retake my bead pics this weekend and see how things go… I may finally be able to upload a mini gallery!

 My kitten Busta:

my kitten Busta 

The top of a pack of gum:

macro shot of a pack of gum

Grrrrrr…another unsuccessful picture-taking weekend.

Last night i bought another camera. 

Yes, again.  I think i’ve taken more than 200 bead pictures over the past couple weeks but barely 10 are usable.  The rest are all blurry or grainy when cropped, etc., etc… Thank goodness it’s all digital.  Can you imagine going through this process with film???  cha-ching!!  Oh well, at least I’ve finally figured out how to use a tripod and Photoshop.  

I returned the 5MP camera from a couple weeks ago and moved up to a 7MP model with a 5cm macro focus.  I’m hoping this new camera improves things… up to this point I’ve been a simple point and shoot photographer with little patience for fiddling with camera details. 

I have new respect for all those bead artists who consistently produce stunningingly clear photos of their glass art – who knew taking pics of itty-bitty beads would be so flippin’ hard??? 

If anyone has any tips to advance this process, they’d be much appreciated.  Cuz frankly, i’d rather spend my spare time making beads.