Grrrrrr…another unsuccessful picture-taking weekend.

Last night i bought another camera. 

Yes, again.  I think i’ve taken more than 200 bead pictures over the past couple weeks but barely 10 are usable.  The rest are all blurry or grainy when cropped, etc., etc… Thank goodness it’s all digital.  Can you imagine going through this process with film???  cha-ching!!  Oh well, at least I’ve finally figured out how to use a tripod and Photoshop.  

I returned the 5MP camera from a couple weeks ago and moved up to a 7MP model with a 5cm macro focus.  I’m hoping this new camera improves things… up to this point I’ve been a simple point and shoot photographer with little patience for fiddling with camera details. 

I have new respect for all those bead artists who consistently produce stunningingly clear photos of their glass art – who knew taking pics of itty-bitty beads would be so flippin’ hard??? 

If anyone has any tips to advance this process, they’d be much appreciated.  Cuz frankly, i’d rather spend my spare time making beads.


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