Sheba… who?

Just about everyone is familiar with the legend of the Queen of Sheba or Makeda, as she is called by her royal descendants in Ethiopia.  Her story has survived through the centuries, various cultural interpretations and even a few bad Hollywood remakes.  To this day, she remains one of the most fascinating female historical figures of significance.

As a young girl, I was completely fascinated by this woman from ancient times, so different from the other icons of her era.  She was known to be educated, wise, wealthy, successfully ruled a kingdom and had the freedom to travel as she chose.  Plus, she was beautiful.  Could a modern day woman ask for more?

For me, ShebaMakeda combines the beauty and mystery found in the ancient cultures of the African continent with the crispness and clarity of modern times.

I’ve always been intrigued by the artwork from various African countries and their deliberately abstract renderings of the artistic vision.  At the same time, I also love the starkness of modern art and the often bizarre creations that result. In both art forms, a tree is never just a tree, a person is never just a figure – a slight twist, a simplified line, the absence or addition of… something and suddenly the piece is open to multiple interpretations.  Each, in its own way, draws a strong reaction from the viewer.

It’s never simply did you like it or not – the real question is always:

“How did it make you feel?”


About the Queen of Sheba

Even more about the Queen of Sheba


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5 thoughts on “Sheba… who?

  1. I LOVE the GOTH Godess and God beads you created for me (as a gift). What a spectacular 1st time achievement. It got your creative juices really flowing. I knew you had what it would take to make this one of a kind design. Thnx for some exceptional beads.

  2. ShebaMakeda,

    I was amazed to see how the goddess images you are creating resemble the ancient goddess figurines that were created in the Late Paleolithic era and have been found by the thousands all over Europe and Asia from Spain to Siberia.
    I can’t but wonder if you were aware of this when you started creating these pieces.
    I would encourage you to look at a recent exhibit of genuine goddess artifacts that were on exhibit at the Elizabeth Sackler gallery in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. You can find the email address to the gallery at my website. Click onto “Ms. info” Also check out “Legacy of the Goddess” on the same home page.

    blessed be,


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