Video interview #2… about process (and featuring my son)

This is the other video that Liana, the host of Contemplative, Expressive and Imaginative Arts, shot last weekend… it was an intro/warm-up session right before we did the live radio interview & video. In this one, we discuss the glass beadmaking process a bit more and you’ll get to hear what my son thinks about having a mom who plays with fire…

At the end, there’s no demo because my hands were shaking so much I couldn’t get the tank attached (doh! LOL).  At some point, I’ll have to make sure i actually post a video working on the torch.

Also, the full annealing cycle for each of my beads takes about 6-8 hours – i only mention the soak time (to even out the heat in each piece) in the video.


Live radio interview & video about my art…

This past weekend i was interviewed by Liana Voia, the host of Contemplative, Expressive and Imaginative Arts for her live radio art therapy show.

I was a nervous wreck in the beginning but once i calmed down i think it went well. Liana asked some great questions and it was wonderful opportunity to explain my passion for glass to someone who appreciates art and supports local artists. For those with a slow connection there’s an audio-only version as well.

There’s also a second video with my son participating which i’ll post tomorrow.  Anyhoo, enjoy and leave a comment!  I’d love to hear what you all think…



Sparklers? yes, Sparklers!  I love these simple, shiny little beads so i’ve decided to continue making them hence they definitely need a name.  img_1847

I think i’ve now tried every colour of transparent glass in my studio, refining the mix to get the finishing, colours and shapes i’d like (plus discovered some new ones!).


I’m now very, very happy with these European bracelet-style glass beads – i’ve been sporting them on my Pandora bracelet and necklace and they truly do sparkle in the sunlight.  I think i’ve narrowed down my preferred colours so i’ll be making more and experimenting with some other bead styles.


The specks of fine silver coordinate so nicely with the bracelet in a way that plain glass beads just can’t match.  Extra BLING!


These beads will fit any of the Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll charm bracelet systems.  They’re available for sale now, just email me directly for purchase (

More beads…


Secret Garden:  When i was little i spent hours inside my head creating imaginary worlds and acting them out with whatever toys or random items i found nearby.  One of my favourite fantasies was the secret island of ME (yes that’s right, ME!!).  On that secret island i could fly (of course), the sea was made of Koolaid, popsicles and soda pop, the birds all sang my favourite songs and in my garden, the Dr. Seuss-style trees and flowers would dance with me tossing their leaves in the air and showering me with candy-flavoured fruit.  Hence these rather wacky beads…


Modern Florals:  As i’ve mentioned, i’m not really the floral bead type even though i genuinely love flowers in real life.  Every once in a while though, i get the urge to try a flower bead to see if there is a style i can make that will feel natural to me.  These are a start…  just the bare suggestion of a flower, the backs are decorated with mendhi-style scrollwork.  These abstract flower beads were inspired by the very cool digital art prints of Jan Weiss – click the picture below to go to her flickr photostream…


I started these two series last fall but haven’t yet had the chance to revisit them.  They both are made on plain bases with all the riotous colour coming from multiple overlapping layers of powdered enamels.  Over the next few weeks I would like to see how much further I can take these two very colourful bead styles…

Hellloooooo…. HOLLOWS!!!


I’ve been practicing… A LOT.  And look, i’m finally able to make hollow beads!!!!  They’re a finicky bead to make so when i finally (yes, FINALLY!!!) got the glass to puff up into these lovely air-filled bubbles i had the biggest grin on my face!

img_1430I’m currently working at about a 60% success rate (and no i’m not showing any more of my failures!  wasn’t the last post enough??) so I’ve at least figured out what i was doing wrong.  As with most things in hot glass, perfecting this technique is simply a matter of practice, practice, practice…  I’ve wasted so much glass trying to figure this out but now that i have it’s a skill learned forever.  Or at least i hope so…img_1427These beads are about .75 to 1.75 inches in diameter.  Now, if they were solid glass, worn together they would be relatively heavy – instead, they’re quite light.  I keep wanting to juggle them but so far i’ve resisted.

Moving forward,  i’ll now mainly be working on fine tuning my technique:  flat or dimpled holes, thinner sides, more evenly shaped and better decorations.  I think that necklace of hollow beads i’ve been planning is just weeks (rather than months) away