Sparklers? yes, Sparklers!  I love these simple, shiny little beads so i’ve decided to continue making them hence they definitely need a name.  img_1847

I think i’ve now tried every colour of transparent glass in my studio, refining the mix to get the finishing, colours and shapes i’d like (plus discovered some new ones!).


I’m now very, very happy with these European bracelet-style glass beads – i’ve been sporting them on my Pandora bracelet and necklace and they truly do sparkle in the sunlight.  I think i’ve narrowed down my preferred colours so i’ll be making more and experimenting with some other bead styles.


The specks of fine silver coordinate so nicely with the bracelet in a way that plain glass beads just can’t match.  Extra BLING!


These beads will fit any of the Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll charm bracelet systems.  They’re available for sale now, just email me directly for purchase (


2 thoughts on “Sparklers!!

  1. I am interested in 2 purple “sparklers” for my pandora bracelet. Would I be able to purchase these from you?

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