Sparklers? yes, Sparklers!  I love these simple, shiny little beads so i’ve decided to continue making them hence they definitely need a name.  img_1847

I think i’ve now tried every colour of transparent glass in my studio, refining the mix to get the finishing, colours and shapes i’d like (plus discovered some new ones!).


I’m now very, very happy with these European bracelet-style glass beads – i’ve been sporting them on my Pandora bracelet and necklace and they truly do sparkle in the sunlight.  I think i’ve narrowed down my preferred colours so i’ll be making more and experimenting with some other bead styles.


The specks of fine silver coordinate so nicely with the bracelet in a way that plain glass beads just can’t match.  Extra BLING!


These beads will fit any of the Pandora, Chamilia, Biagi and Troll charm bracelet systems.  They’re available for sale now, just email me directly for purchase (


Flowers and birthday blues…


Spring by the River

I decided a few weeks ago it was time for me to practice making flowers again. Why? It’s spring… and my sister’s birthday. Now y’all know i’m not really the floral type so it was definitely more for the latter reason than the former.  My much, much older (ANCIENT actually!) sister Frances just llllooooovvves  flowers.  And not just any flowers – BLUE flowers.

blue lilies

Lilies in the Deep

I have no idea what it is with her and the colour blue but she just ADORES it!  And not just any blue: deep, rich royal or cobalt blue.  Nope, no pastels, sapphires and turquoises for her, it’s gotta be dark blue and it also better be covered with flowers.  Anyone in her life understands that to be with her is to be surrounded with varying shades of deep blue… and flowers.  Lots of them.


River Garden

So considering how often she used to beat me up, i learned decades ago to stop arguing (despite not really caring for the colour blue or flowers) and just give her what she wants… or maybe it’s a need?


Blue Pandora Beads

Not very many people could get me to sit down and just make blue flower beads over and over again over several torch sessions but for her…well ok… since i  KINDA like her… a bit (plus she could keel over from lack of exercise any day)… i figured i could squeeze out maybe one… or two.  or three.  plus a few bracelet beads.  But that’s it.  i’m done.  No more blue flower beads for me!

(p.s. Her birthday was April 2nd and yes, through her wrinkles, grey hair and doddering i could tell she was very pleased.  I think she even let go of her walker for a moment.)


img_1344I HAD to make more of these big-holed, bracelet beads, I had no choice…

img_1342They’re so delectably sparkly, i’ve completely fallen in love and will be making even more… I’d planned to etch them but now i’ve changed my mind.  They definitely don’t need it.img_1343I’ve been wearing a mix of beads from this and the last bunch on my Pandora bracelet and I can’t believe how well they catch the sunlight.  As is, they are the perfect summer bracelet bead – simple yet dramatically beautiful.img_1339Now i just have to finish cleaning and list this pile as well…



Yes, i CAN make little beads.  I don’t make them very often but these are special little beads.  See the size of the mandrels below?  They’re extra thick which means these beads have big holes and will fit on the latest contemporary European charm bracelets like Troll, Pandora, Biagi, Chamilia, etc. img_1319

They’re not terribly original – just transparent glass wrapped with fine silver wire – i think every beadmaker makes some version of these – but still one of my fave designs.  These beads are very pure, simple and beautiful just as is.  I’ll be etching them which softens the look considerably… (after i clean out the bead poop of course) as they’re a little harsh right now .


I made several of these for the November bead show but i was so out of practice making little beads they weren’t anywhere nearly as evenly shaped as this bunch.  I thought i’d forgotten how to make nicely dimpled small beads – last time i had made anything this small was in 2007 i think.  Some are for my Pandora bracelet and the rest will be listed for sale.  I may even try coring a few with sterling silver…


At the show, some people bought them for their charm bracelets while others bought pairs to  make earrings.   I’ll need to make some more – maybe in some fun summer colours?  What other colours do you think would be pretty?