i almost bought these shoes…


they’re stunningly, frivolously, fabulously beautiful
and all my favourite colours.

i had dreams about them.  seriously.
showcased with a fantastic pencil skirt and an airy white shirt…
watching them dangle flirtatiously from the bottom of my jeans…
thinking about how they’d sparkle in the lights while i made my moves on the dance floor.

i even planned to make big beads in colours to match –
yes, another one of my ever so rare sets!

think about it…
just sitting there on a patio with my girlz
sipping a martini
enjoying the spring weather,
people watching
and chatting…
catching up on our lives.

and then i’d look down…
and i’d see my own fabulous beads
in all my fave colours
strung into a stunning necklace
nestled in the collar of my crisp white linen shirt
(ok, maybe not so crisp since this would probably be after work)
glistening in the evening sun.

and then i’d look further down
down the looonnng, lean expanse
of my blue jean covered legs…
(umm, ok i admit it. there may be a slight exaggeration here on the long part…)
(uuuhh, ok yeah.  perhaps a bit on the lean part too…)

and see my FAB-ulous new shoes
and my freshly manicured (and colour coordinated!) toes.

and i would be so caught by all this combined beauty
i would just have to breathe: “oooooooooooooooooooo”
and my girlz would catch the same view and also breathe:
“oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo those shoooeeesss…”

and then the other women passing…
at least the ones who understand
that since comfort and cute can’t always be combined
cute should win – most of the time
…only within the context of shoes, of course.

…they would also look down
and be caught in the colourful kaleidoscope 
of my stunningly beautiful fab shoe/custom bead combo.
and they’d lift their eyes to mine and smile
and say: “ooooooooooooooo… nice shoooooeeeessss!”
“…and nice beads tooooo!”

And i’d contentedly sip my girlie martini
or maybe Bellini cuz that would definitely match!

And know just for that one moment 
that my lampworking skillz
and my fashionista street cred were perfectly aligned in my world.

p.s. Can you tell i can’t wait for the new Sex and the City Movie to open?
(And no, i didn’t buy them, i stocked up on glass instead. choices. sigh)

p.p.s. Confused? Read my About Me or My Studio pages.


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