Newest addition…

Nope, not beads this time – a cat.  Got him this week from a friend’s co-worker who’s new roommate is allergic to cats.  She sent this photo around and as soon as i saw that face i was sold.  i mean, how could i resist? just look at that superbly, self-satisfied smile!  I actually didn’t want another cat but the Teenager has been bugging me about getting a second one since last fall (when we lost our other cat Couche-couche) so i caved.  (The cat in the background is his sister – she went to live in the country.)

He’s now named Balthazar (the Teenager is currently reading Romeo & Juliet at school), Bali for short.  When my son suggested that name my first comment was “wait, you want to name the cat after a demon???”  Can you tell i’ve  been watching waaaaay too much Space TV?

Anyhoo, this new cat is HUGE, about the size of a small dog even though he’s barely a year old. And a typical cat in the fickle way he adapted to us within a day or so and began alternately demanding belly rubs/back scratches and then completely ignoring us. 

Bali’s a pleasant change though, since our current cat Busta is the most un-cat-like cat we’ve ever owned – so much so, we actually consider him our pet dog.  When Bali sat down and started grooming himself, the Teenager and i were both so shocked we burst out laughing.  Why? because Busta just… well… doesn’t.  And yes, he smells bad.  All the time.  Our old cat used to have to hold him down and groom him (probably cuz he couldn’t take the smell either) and we’re hoping Bali takes up those responsibilities as well.  Bathing a cat is NOT fun.

As soon as Bali stops hissing at Busta (who is just beyond thrilled to have a new playmate) i’ll get  a pic of them together to post…


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