ShebaMakeda @ The New Art Festival


I’ll have a booth at the 2009 New Art Festival (formerly Art in the Park). 

I’ve been hard at work in the studio preparing for this show and will have a wide assortment of my usual work (Pandora-style beads, goddesses, pendants, etc.) available as well as some new designs i’m currently fine tuning.

SMB ad map(Click either of the pictures to get a larger, printer-quality version. )

For more about the festival, click here: .

For directions to Central Park click here: .

Hope to see you there!

This commercial completely cracks me up!!!

Honestly, everytime this commercial comes on the TV i end up bursting into laughter (for all the wrong reasons) and i’m usually in tears and gasping for breath before the commercial ends…. I wonder if the creators of this Pull-ups diaper ad realize how hilariously subversive this commercial is?

Plus, you know rap has gone completely and utterly mainstream when it’s used to sell diapers and has toddlers, their parents and communities grabbing their crotches and street dancing!



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Happy Valentines Day!

No beads to show (i’m not really into seasonal beads) but  to celebrate the day I thought i’d share a few of my fave short videos about love – in all its many stages…

Love at all costs (funny one):

Validation through love (just plain adorable!):

The end of love (sad and beautiful at the same time):

Simon’s cat…

I first saw this video a couple years ago…

…and laughed so much i had tears running down my face.  Now, my cats have never quite gone to this extreme but i have had my toes/ears/face clawed or bitten, a wet nose poked in my eye as well as an almost 18lb cat plop down right on top of my head when i refused to wake up on demand.

Cats – gotta love ’em. 

This one is pretty funny too… Enjoy!