My hollows suck!


Yes, all THREE were supposed to be lovely, round hollow beads.  Sad isn’t it?  I’ve been trying to make hollows for almost three years and this is still only the best i can do.  Believe it or not, these are almost as pitiful as the very first hollow bead i ever tried in my second beadmaking session way back in 2006. 

The blue goddess on the right was my first attempt: she was supposed to be a round hollow bead but when she collapsed i just turned her into a chubby goddess bead.  And since she still has a couple bubbles inside her, she can be considered a goddess… with gas.  (smirk)

The brown crunchie in the middle was my second attempt:  such a complete and utter flop (pun intended) i just pressed it.  There’s an uneven air bubble trapped in there somewhere – all it does now of course is make the bead unstable.  (sigh)

Sadly, this amber and green bead on the left is my most successful attempt EVER – if only it wasn’t so ugly:  overly thick ends and sides, misshapen bubble, nowhere near  the lovely thin walled, round i’d like my hollows to be.  (oh well, at least it didn’t collapse)

I have no idea why this particular style of bead completely eludes me.  I’ve been able to easily make very other style of bead i’ve tried but have made little to no progress here – despite practicing.  I’ve studied the technique, i’m following it (i think) and my hollows STILL SUCK!!!  (I must be missing something…)

In any case, i have decided i need to fix this issue ASAP – by practice, lessons or whatever!  I have a design in my head made of hollow beads and I’m DETERMINED to have that necklace ready to wear by June.


Ode to Effetre Copper Green

Ode to Copper Green 

Copper green, you are my bane

Copper green, you’re driving me insane!

You spit, you pit, you crack, you shock

Mixing you with certain colours just makes icky schlock

I love you! Why can’t you love me back?

Why must each turn in the flame coat you with gunky black?

I know i can etch you but i want you to shine

and avoid using chemicals that reek worse than turpentine

You’re pale green in the rod, so light, so pretty

But when you come out of the kiln you’re a weirdly deep, bluish verdigris??

Wassup with that, you crazy colour?

You make me want to scream and holler!

You’re making me late with my custom order

The fuglies you’ve given make me want to scream bloody murder!

I start out each time thinking i’ve found just the right blend

then incompatibility, weird colour reactions – you’re driving me off the deep end!

And then just when i think i’ve conquered your tricks

What’s that i hear?  Oh noooo, it’s cracking! “snick”

You screwed me, so now i must start again

I hate you! i hate you! you’re no longer my friend!

Oh, I’m kidding, I still love you.  I just needed to vent

Let’s go dance in the flame once more seeking mutual contentment…

© ShebaMakeda Glass Art