One more item off my bucket list!!

My first bungee jump at the Great Canadian Bungee

I’ve maintained a list of “Things to Do Before I Die” since I was a teenager and I’m happy to say every few years I’ve been able to scratch off at least a few items.  Bungee jumping has been on my list (as well as a few other equally crazy items) for at least 10 years but delayed since my son was so young.  Now that he’s older, I’m feeling a little more free to try the more adventurous items and if they are as amazingly fun as this bungee jump? I may even add more.

The drop (200ft with a 160ft rebound) was amazingly soft – not at all what i expected… if you listen carefully, once I stop screaming you can hear me start laughing and yell “That was fantastic!”.  It’s hands down one of the best experiences I have ever had – quite freeing actually – almost felt like i was floating.  Afterward, we were all so pumped about our jumps we couldn’t stop laughing and talking about it for a least a week.  Valentina later asked me what kind of beads i had made after the jump but to be honest i couldn’t have gone near the torch.  I think it took almost a full day before my arms and legs stopped randomly shaking.  Would i do it again?  ABSOLUTELY.

Oh and btw, if you think I look calm in the video, I wasn’t.  I was supposed to jump off, then i took one look down, my knees gave out and my brain kicked in asking me what the HELL did i think i was doing!  I really should have just closed my eyes, turned my brain off and leaped… 

In all seriousness, if the guys hadn’t just dropped me off the platform mid-sentence (yes, I was ticked, hence the initial angry tone of my screaming), my jump would probably have looked more like this:

(…funniest bungee jump ever!)