Idea for a new goddess sculpture

kali goddess2

Working on designing another (4th) goddess sculpture… I drew this on my new Wacom Bamboo drawing tablet which is SO MUCH FUN!! Not sure that I’m in love with this colour combo but it’s a happy start. I still need to design the base and a topper but so far, so good. I think by the time it’s done it should be around 8-10″ high.


I was only sketching on paper before which was a pain since i kept changing my mind and then had to start all over again from scratch each time the idea changed… not to mention the random bits of drawn on paper trailing around the house. Digital design is definitely the way to go!

I made this clay prototype first to work out the basic size and shapes.  It’s been travelling around the house with me and has been reworked about four or five times.

Now to work on refining the colour scheme.  Next will be picking out the glass colours, checking for compatibility and then making some actual test pieces in glass – that’s the fun part!

I’ve also updated this blog’s template… what do you think?

No time to torch…

…but i still managed to make a goddess. This is one of my daily 365 Project photos – so far i’m just loving this creativity resolution.  I struggle with photography but taking a picture everyday really forces me to think about the subject, framing, etc.  Hopefully by the end of the year there will be an obvious improvement…

I’m trying out eBay as well for the first time…

I’ll be relisting these beads on eBay on Friday, October 9th (likely for another seven days).  Click any of the pictures below to take a closer look!

I have three auctions listed on eBay – click any of the pictures below to take a look!

Pear Tree #1Liquid Fire GoddessIMG_2918

Auctions end October 15th.  Happy bidding!