I’ve been published!


Look!  There’s my bead!  In a real magazine!  My green pregnant goddess (now residing in California) is on Page 22 in the winter 2008 issue of The Flow – a US magazine for flameworkers that is distributed worldwide.  I’m one of the 150 artists featured in the annual Women in Glass Issue and it’s my first time being featured in print.

Now, I’ve known about this since last fall when I submitted my bead pics to the call for entry.  Since I wasn’t 100% sure that any of my beads would be included, i blabbed to everyone i know personally but didn’t publish anything here.  Now, finally the moment has arrived where i can insert “publications” into my glass resume. 

I’ve been doing the happy dance all week…


Tales from the Torch: More pregnant goddesses

These are so much fun to make!  I’m still refining and experimenting with the shapes and colours (from left to right):  All are 1.75″-2.5″

Metallic Moss:This goddess was supposed to be a deep blue colour but i somehow managed to reduce this furnace glass to a weird (but way cool!) metallic green colour.  i absolutely did not expect  this and hope i can recreate this technique, it’s fantastic!

Purple Rose: I love this furnace glass – it gives a great mottled purple ranging from very light to deep with minimal effort.  I even reduced her a bit for some dark interest. 

Sandy Gold: I love, love the depth of colour in this one and the odd little streak that developed across her belly – makes her look like she’s been carved from stone.  I ran out fuel making her, so popped her in the kiln to keep warm and swapped tanks.  But then when i took her out to finish the sculpting i decided i liked her very raw, slightly unformed finish and left her just as she was…

More Grey Goddesses:

i made the one on the left in May (or was it June?) and then tried to replicate the effect using the same glass. 

This is a white furnace glass that when reduced develops this awesome streaky grey finish that is also slightly irridescent.  I still haven’t figured out how i created the metallic effect on the first one but i did manage to get two other cool looks. 

Hard to beleive these are all made pretty much the same way from the exact same glass!

Question i’ve been recently asked: So what does one do with these goddesses?

Well…they can be framed (i think they’d look lovely in a trio of shadow box frames) or for a more personal connection they can be worn as a pendant.  Here’s an example:

Tales from the Torch: May 19/08

It’s long weekend here so instead of gallivanting like i normally do,  i decided to stay home and make some beads.  I’ve been either sick with the flu or so busy for the past several weeks that i haven’t been able to enjoy much torch time.  This weekend has really made up for that though – just got all these out of the kiln and i’m pretty happy with the results.

First, some focals:  I’ve had a really positive response to my floral attempts so i’ve decided to practice some more (plus a couple other ideas)… all about 2″ long.  From left to right:

Swamp Daisies – (sold) this is a big bead and it really wanted to be made:  I ran out of fuel about halfway through, had to pop the bead in the kiln, wait for the torch to cool down so i could change the propane canister and then slowly reheat and finish it off.  It’s my ongoing attempt to develop a love for that finicky copper green glass – the verdigris colour is intriguing but i’m still struggling to control the amount of that dark residue it develops.  (and yes i know the name isn’t very sexy – if you have a better suggestion let me know)

Blue Lagoon – another encased floral, this time i added the flowers first then the encasing.  I had planned to add another layer of encased florals but frankly i ran out of patience.  It’s encased with Lauscha clear and while the optical clarity is truly magnificent that clear layer was so stiff it took bloody FOREVER to melt.  At several points i was ready to through the whole damn thing (burning molten glass and all) across the room.   

Part of the problem is the limits of my torch, part is due to the Lauscha clear being really quite stiff but the other though is just the process of encasing florals – you have to slowly heat the clear layer enough to smooth it out but at the same time not get everything so hot that you soften and distort the layer of flowers and the core just underneath.  So you’re constantly twirling and swooping the bead in and out of the flame and slowly, slowly, slowly melting smooth that clear layer – an incredibly tedious process.  Somewhat like toasting marshmallows to a delicate golden brown at a bonfire except that each marshmallow takes a freaking HOUR to roast.  (ok, i’m done venting.  perhaps i’ll just put the Lauscha clear aside until i get a hotter torch). I must say, I have now developed a new respect for the beadmakers who make encased florals for a living… (siiigh, i must really not have cooked it properly as it has slowly cracked in half over the last few weeks)

Summer Garden – This is me playing to create something cute and fun and completely unlike my usual stuff (do i even have a usual yet?).  The Teenager declared this one as his fave while making sure to gruffly add the qualifier that of course he “…doesn’t like flowers but it’s still nice.”

Buttercup Swirl– Again something a little different and summery with some encased stringer spirals.  Those spirals were supposed to be a pale pastel yellow but came out bright buttercup yellow instead.  Now i could go into a rant about paying a premium for an “odd lot” glass that looks soft and creamy in the store ad but then strikes to a colour pretty darned close to something i could have bought for a 1/3 the price but i won’t. cuz i’m done venting.  so there. 

ZigZag – this is a weird one.  i was inspired by a room in a decorating mag designed with these colours – it’s odd but i like it.

And here is a custom order i’m working on – pregnant goddesses.  These were too much fun to make.  As i was sculpting each one it reminded me of the last few months of my pregnancy and how alternately excited /scared /annoyed /exhausted I was as i heaved myself around with that huge belly. 

Here’s a side view – they’re not just a little bit pregnant – these babes are nine plus months and ready to deliver at any moment! (i think that grey goddess is having triplets…)

And finally a rear view – cuz no pregnancy ever passes without this extremely important question:  “Honey, does my butt look big?”