Finally… a video of me torching!

well… sorta,

I’ve been saying i’m going to get a proper video of myself torching for years and finally decided to try a quickie one. Forgive the shakiness, i had that heavy chunk of glass in my left, phone in my right and was trying to watch the video and rotate the glass in/out of the flame at the same time without frying myself.

This 3″ long chunk of solid glass eventually (over the next several hours later) was hot sculpted into a large goddess. I’ll post pics once it’s complete.

Note: You may want to turn yr volume down as the tv is kinda loud…

Introducing the Stone Goddess Under Moonlight

A quick video (thanks again to Liana!) of the sculpture in my latest exhibition (Best of the National Capital Network of Sculptors, closed 2/23/13) at the City of Ottawa Central Archives: “Stone Goddess Under Moonlight”.

She’s the second sculpture in the Elemental Goddess series and represents earth (as well as being my favourite of the three sculptures I’ve made so far)…

ShebaMakeda @ The New Art Festival


I’ll have a booth at the 2009 New Art Festival (formerly Art in the Park). 

I’ve been hard at work in the studio preparing for this show and will have a wide assortment of my usual work (Pandora-style beads, goddesses, pendants, etc.) available as well as some new designs i’m currently fine tuning.

SMB ad map(Click either of the pictures to get a larger, printer-quality version. )

For more about the festival, click here: .

For directions to Central Park click here: .

Hope to see you there!