More experimenting at the torch…

IMG_3212I’m still full of ideas and experimenting at the torch… and still no explanation for these beads except this is what’s currently coming out of my head:  gothic and cartoon hearts, and playing with the effects that can be created  from boutique silver glass.  The pregnant goddesses are for a custom order.  I’m having fun though!IMG_3213


Completely and utterly random…

IMG_2264…is the only way i can explain this pile of beads.  I’m either on the verge of a major breakthrough or i’ve completely lost my mind. 

I can’t remember ever producing such a random pile of beads NONE of which are in my usual style of beadmaking.  They’ve all been made in the last week or so and i think reflect the fact that i had a lot of things on my mind.  The beads range from gothic floral attempts to antiqued hearts for a framed composition to a custom order involving pears and trees to goddesses for a charity auction to those Blue Willow vessel beads that my sister requested a couple years ago (no idea why i suddenly decided to try making those again now!).

Best i can say is that at the very least it’s obvious my stringer control has really improved…

Tales from the torch: Jan. 26th/08

Results from my last few torch sessions – a goddess and two pendants for a couple custom orders:

Hades GoddessHades goddess back

Hades Goddess:  (sold) Sometimes simple is best.  This is just black glass and silver leaf passed through a reduction flame to bring out the iridescence.  I had originally planned to tart her up with some frit and a latticino or two but once i reached this stage, i realized she’s perfect just as is.

Tempest leftTempest right

Tempest:  (sold)  Ever been on the beach during a thunderstorm?  As the wind rises and the sea slams against the cliffs, the water, foam, seaweed and sand all swirl together wildly. And if you’re lucky enough to find a good vantage point, you can enjoy this spectacle of nature from a safe distance but still be close enough to feel the salty spray hit your skin with each crashing wave…

Almond Blossom leftalmond blossom right

Spring Bloom:  My first serious attempt at a traditional raised floral.   Every single colour is custom blended – from the base to the premade latticino’s used for the branches and the flowers.  The branches have a bit of sparkle as i used green adventurine in the twist, then i reduced the bead lightly at the base to give it some depth.  A lot of work but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

And if you think it looks familiar, you’re right.  It’s inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s 1890 painting Almond Blossom.