Three beautiful things…

I’ve had a pretty dreadful past few weeks.  I won’t go into the details but there have been a series of recent events that have really just kicked me in the guts and sucked out all my creative energy. 

Since this blog is meant to be my happy place, I’ve decided instead to focus on some of the good things that happened during the same period and helped to pull me out of my bad mood.  (Credit for the title and subject of this post goes of course, to this fabulous blogger.) 

My Three Beautiful Things:

1. My new desktop wallpaper – that my son made for me.  Everytime i boot up either my work or home computer and this pic appears, it just makes me smile.birthday gift from my son

2.  The Golden Compass – My neighbour stopped by the day before my birthday and surprised me with a beautifully wrapped gift of the book His Dark Materials, a trilogy by Philip Pullman.  So far, it’s been a fabulously, enjoyable read along the lines of the Tales of Narnia or Harry Potter – meant for kids but great for adults as well.

I’ve just finished The Golden Compass, the first novel of the trilogy.  It’s currently in theatres and i’m now really looking forward to seeing it over the Christmas break.  You can view the trailer here.

3.  Christmas Parties – I’m on my third so far for the season.  I don’t think it’s physically possible for anyone to stay in a bad mood after basking in the glow of a few of these… I love Christmas.