Making progress…

Ok, I think I’ve figured out most of what WordPress can and can’t do and so far i LOVE it here!  I tried coding a few years back and hated it – the logic and niggling precision necessary to create a decent webpage just drove me completely batty. 

Not here though – it’s been so simple so far!  In just a few hours I bought a domain, created a few pages and boom! I’m on the web!  Thank you WordPress!!!

 Anyhooo, I’ve updated my About me page and give or take a few future edits I’m pretty happy with it.  Take a look it and let me know what you think – is it too long? too vague? did I miss something?…etc., etc.

I’m working on the other pages and will be updating regularly over the next few days.  For now though, I have a house to clean and then I think I’m going to go enjoy some of that brilliant sunshine sparkling through my window…


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