2 thoughts on “i am so not a graphic designer

  1. Hi Evelyn!
    Congratulations on your new blog! I know can all seem very overwhelming at first. The nice thing is nothing is written in stone – I say if you are not sure about the design, sit on it for a few days and think about it. It’s a lot too be thinking about design and content all at the same time.
    Looking Good!

    Louise :o)

  2. I agree, on its own, I love the logo… and one its own, I love the colour scheme of the web site, but the two may not necessary be doing what u’re setting out to do… but then again, if you didn’t have that “pre-conceived” idea of what you wanted to say, it would be ok too. But yea, if you were going for the calm look, then your beads don’t reflect calm, but they are very good! why not look into another template (with bright colours) that would go with the beads.

    All that said, I kinda like the juxtaposition of the calm and the busy beads! Besides, you only get to see the two together when you first enter the sight, the header doesn’t follow you through the page so you get calm again as you read the page…. So yea, I like it very much!

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