Random thoughts: Christmas memories

Christmas tree 2007

1. I admit it, I have HUGE Christmas tree issues.  I love Christmas.  And once i have my tree up, decorated and the house smelling like fresh pine, i just never want to take it down…

I’m embarassed to admit how long i’ve actually kept my trees up over the past several years – let’s just say they’re usually extra crispy by the time i finally drag ’em out to the curb… I’ve decided this year, it’s coming down early (at least for me, probably normal for other people) so tomorrow i’m dragging out all the boxes and packing all the ornaments away.  Siiiigggh, the process always makes me kinda sad and so reflective….

girls xmas morning

2. Santa, babies & the kitten:  We had a 2year old and 4year old with us for Christmas morning.  I’d almost forgotten the sweet innocence and simple excitement of that tender age…

teenage ninja mutant rudolph

3. Teenage mutant ninja… Rudolph?  The Teenager hamming it up for the camera.  Not so sweet, not so innocent but pretty darned funny.


4. Yummy, yummy, yummy:  Boxing Day dinner was salmon in filo with a scallop and shrimp cream sauce, made from scratch, by li’l old me.  Decadent and delicious.  Sorry, i only remembered to take the picture after dinner. 

crazy kitten

5. Silk & kittens don’t mix:  My sister asked me why i hadn’t put up the nice curtains in the living room for the holiday season.  I think this pic pretty much answers her question…


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