Tales from the torch: June & July

I haven’t had much time or energy to torch over the past month or so but still managed to squeeze in a few hours with these happy results (from left to right):

Picasso’s Dream #1 & 2:  these were (very!) loosely inspired by a tiny magazine clipping of a Picasso etching that i’ve had for years and always wanted to do something with – they’re very moody and i’m quite happy with how they came out.  Their names refer to me dreaming i can create something as stunning as a Picasso. (note my improving stringer control…)

Solitudes:  I’ve been trying to experiment with relatively monochromatic colour palettes but i’m struggling – it just doesn’t come naturally to me.  I love full, bright, lush, riotous combinations of colours (hence my obsession with frit).  So while this bead was supposed to be solely black and white, i couldn’t resist adding just a touch of bright yellow and and hints of mottled green…

Spring Rain #4:  A custom order from my Spring Rain series – this design is simple yet so versatile and seems to have a very broad appeal. There’s always multiple layers of frit and silver in these so a lot of depth that i’m not sure fully comes across in the photos.  The Teenager says this focal reminds him of looking down at coral in the ocean…


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