Look! I’m back at the torch!!!


After almost four months away from the torch, i’m back!  And this time it was easy to get right into the groove… I think it did me good to not play with glass for a while.  My vision is clearer now and i feel like i’m heading into new, complex and more interesting directions.  Good thing too – I was getting bored with what i was making…


I’m still making my regular stuff of course… but trying some new (and wierd!) things as well.  If you’re curious, check back in a couple days – I’ll have big news then, too!


And of course i couldn’t do it without my assistant Bali (note the carefully positioned “eat me” pose he learned from my other cat).  He sits (or lies) under my chair in the studio and nods (or purrs) in agreement every time I ask him about colour combos.  Most supportive studio assistant EVER!


Ok, gotta get back to work…  the kiln is hot and I definitely do NOT have enough beads in there!


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