An interesting idea…


This bead is an experiment – one that turned out better than i expected but isn’t quite yet where i want it to be… 

Essentially, it’s  a strip of copper mesh encased in clear and ivory.  I’ve never used copper mesh before so i wanted to try it to see what kind of fun designs it might inspire.

I do like the window – although i wish i’d done a better of job of encasing the copper: it’s an interesting fiery red when encased but otherwise  a burnt black (i missed a spot).  I like the burnt copper effect as well,  just wasn’t what i was looking for this time…


The lines are drawn on with silvered ivory stringer (ivory rod wrapped in silver foil, then pulled into a thick string) which reacted with the ivory base to create those lovely shades of golden brown.  I tried to adjust the flame chemistry to pull out some blues as well but no luck,  maybe next time…

 I’m not sure i like the curlicues – next round i think i’ll try straight lines instead.  At the very least you can see my stringer control is definitely improving.

The tapered barrel shape and the slightly raised scrollwork give the bead a good “hand feel”.  I like beads that are fun to touch as well as being visually pleasing.

The shape of the window works for me as well as the translucency, especially in bright sunlight.  Sends me off on a whole other stream of ideas for where i can take this design…

All in all this was a good exercise.  I wasn’t sure if the look of the copper mesh would appeal to me but it actually does.

I’ll definitely need to make more.


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