mandrels with cracked bead release

One of the most basic lampworking skills is dipping mandrels.  As long as you do it correctly, it’s a no-brainer.  When it’s NOT done correctly, however, it’s a huge pain in the butt.  And yes, even if you have been dipping mandrels for almost three years (ahem), it’s still possible to occasionally mess up…

img_1351As soon as i stuck these mandrels in the flame, the bead release flaked completely off.  My first reaction was of course to wonder what the heck was wrong since my other mandrels were fine.  Then i remembered: buncha new mandrels.  Dipped.  Right.  Did i scratch them up them before dipping to give some “teeth”?  Couldn’t remember.  Doh!  (siiiigggghhhhh)

So now, i have to wash off the old bead release, re-season and re-dip the whole pile of new mandrels.  It’s not that big a deal really, just annoying.  Dipping mandrels definitely ranks as the second most boring chore in glass beadmaking (right after cleaning the beads).  I tried to pay the Teenager to do it for me and even he couldn’t be suckered into this dreadful task. 

The only upside is at least i can’t stab myself with anything pointy while dipping…


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