What have i been up to…?

…building up my stock of finished beads and applying for shows and competitions.  Why?  Mostly to challenge and stretch myself.  A side benefit is that i’m being forced to really work on my photography – i think i’m getting better, no?

Earthy goddesses

Earthy goddesses

Bright goddesses
Bright goddesses
I consider these (for the most part) the slimmer versions of my goddess beads.  I need to work on some more voluptuous and pregnant goddesses next…

4 thoughts on “What have i been up to…?

  1. Hi Evelyn,
    Good to see you are keeping busy! Where do you go to find out about shows and competitions?

    ..I need to do more shows!

    That top picture is my favourite, I love the colours in the goddess’ and the clarity!

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