Well, you know my name is Evelyn…

Do you remember this cartoon from the 70s?  For some strange reason, i woke up yesterday morning with this song going over and over again in my head.  That was so completely and utterly random, i of course had to go look it up online and then watch all the Youtube videos followed by several heavily nostalgic sighing moments…

I used to love this cartoon when i was little – it was so beautifully simple: every time Simon encountered a problem, he went into his room and drew a solution and his world went right back to being ok.  I kind of feel like that now with my beads – no matter how stressed i am at my day job or with whatever else may be going on in my  life, if i can make the time to slip into my studio for a few hours all my tension just slips away…

If this cartoon was about me it would be called :  Evelyn in the Land of Lampworking and my opening song would be:

“Well you know my name is Evelyn, and my dream to be an artist came true. So i make beads, make beads, make beads and send them all over the world to live with you…”

(yes, i know it’s incredibly corny but i’m recovering from the flu and utter exhaustion post-show so allow me the luxury of this momentary bit of self-indulgence…)


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