I’m trying eBay again…

I made my first sale on Etsy this week (THANK YOU!!!) so giddy with my first official online store success, i’ve decided to dust off my crushed ego and try eBay again (September was just a slow month, right? right??).  

I’ve relisted the two Pear Tree beads and the Liquid Fire goddess bead HERE.  They are really some of the best beads i’ve made – all three came out of the kiln better than i expected.  I have a couple more beads i’m planning to list next week as well.  Take a look, auctions end October 15th.   Happy bidding!

UPDATE 10/19:  well, it seems eBay was not the right market for these beads – I’ll list them to my Etsy store this week instead… In other news, i received the loveliest thank you note from my first Etsy buyer.  It makes me so happy when i know the recipient loves their bead as much as i do!


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