I’m back from the ISGB 2010 Gathering…

my goodies from the bead swap and some Bead Bazaar purchases

…and trying to take it all in.  I had a FABULOUS time and have so much information now whirling around in my head i need a few more days to let it all settle in. The one thing i can say is i now completely understand why other beadmakers get so excited about going every year – it was 1001 times better than i expected – the demos, energy, eye candy, meeting beadmaking and glass legends, making new friends…  I can’t wait to go again!

I’ve slowly been loading the pics to my Facebook – so if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look there… I’ll try to load them to Flickr as well (for the non-FBers) by this weekend.


One thought on “I’m back from the ISGB 2010 Gathering…

  1. Hi.. I see you did get to the ISBG.. I am for sure going to see that i get to it next year… I could almost feel myself wanting to start to dig through the box you have pictured.
    BTW.. I see you have some beads of Amy Waldman Smith, and I had a two day course with her this past summer… very detailed and time consuming but well worth it.

    Also, just got through a 3 day workshop with Tom Holland here in toronto.. he is a wonderful man and would reccomend that anyone at anytime grab one of his courses, if he peeks his head up out of the woods in Arkansas…

    Thanks for the peek at the beads
    kindest e-gards

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