Happy New Year!!

encased stringer pic run thru iphone Percolator app

batch of encased glass stringers pic run through the iphone Percolator app

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are raring to go for 2011!

I’ve been pretty absent from this blog this past year… 2010 was a year of extremes for me: when things were good they were wonderful but when they were bad they really well and truly sucked.  All of which apparently left my muse in such a state of confusion, she completely abandoned me which meant I had so little creative energy, I barely torched at all in 2010.  And what little I did make I wasn’t terribly excited about – at least not enough to put out the effort required to photograph, blog and list everything.  Artistically speaking, 2010 can be summed up for me as a great big old… “meh”.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook then you have some idea of what i’ve been up to – it so much easier to do a quick update there vs. here…  Anyhoo, I’m back as my muse seems to have somewhat rejoined my world plus I’ve decided to torch regularly regardless to work through whatever creative block I’ve been experiencing… I found not torching left a big empty hole inside me that just couldn’t be filled with anything else.

Finally, this blog is due for a major overhaul.  I think a new theme, some updated pages and pictures of my latest beads would do a world of good. 

(Coming soon…)


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