New sketchbook, new ideas…


For the past year or so I’ve been drawing out my glass bead ideas on whatever piece of paper was closest to my hand.  It was like a weird compulsion: even though I couldn’t create at the torch my brain would randomly start teaming with new designs before dropping back into its non-creative daze. Never happened in the studio of course, they would pop up during my non-creative time like midway through emails, conversations, meetings, training sessions, dinner etc. First thing in the morning, as well was kind of nuts as I’d desperately try to draw out whatever beads I woke up with in my head before the images disappeared from my consciousness.

The result of that madness was a lot of new and fresh ideas… unfortunately though, drawn on random pieces of paper scattered throughout the house. So, a couple weeks ago I decided to buy myself a sketchbook and collect them all inside.  It came with a plain grey cover that practically begged for decoration so I freehanded a Holly Cooper style bird and some random doodling. I learned how to draw that style of bird with fine stringers on a bead in her class last month and i’m trying to find a way to use it on my beads while still making them look like my own.

The back of the sketchbook is still bare.  I think I might draw a goddess next…



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