I’m at the Ottawa Glass Bead &  Jewellery Show today!!


I was there yesterday too… just completely forgot to let y’all know. And yes, it’s one of a very lonnnggggggg list of things that slipped my mind before the show (new banner, biz cards, lights, float, etc., etc.). We were sitting there yesterday morning once the table was set up when my sister asked me about the usual blog/email/FB notifications and I was like: “Oh right. Oops.”. 


I DID remember to make some new beads though.  These chunky nuggets are a new series for me and so far I quite enjoy making them so expect to see more. They’re shaped completely by hand and have that lovely, irregular look that (at least in my head) is exactly how I would like to stumble across some precious ancient gemstones in the wild. Cuz’ we all know that’s really how they grow, right? 

Anyhoo… do drop by today if you can – I’m in Booth #26. Show ends today Sun Oct 18th, and hours are 10am – 5pm at the Hellenic Centre, 1315 Prince of Wales Drive here in Ottawa. Click the pic below to find out all the details including the list of participating artists (such awesome work!) and vendors. 



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