Goodbye Michael…

rbst_rip_mjIt’s Michael Jackson’s funeral today and while normally i don’t pay a whole lot of attention to celebrities, this particular celebrity death is hitting me hard – a harsh combination of sorrow shadowed by guilt.  jackson-5Since the news, I’ve found myself teary-eyed and nostalgic – there isn’t a period in my life from childhood to my 20s to which an MJ song, dance move or TV appearance can’t be associated.

And i’m not the only one: in the first days, everywhere i went strangers would randomly stop to talk about how sad we all were about Michael Jackson’s sudden death.  michael-jackson_47712903Family members and friends from around the world contacted me to share the news or reminisce about which moments of their lives will be forever associated with which Michael Jackson song…

If you only know the MJ of the last 20 or so years – that ghostly, surgically sculpted figure with bizarre habits and a constant subject of questionable accusations and behaviours – then you might be confused at the worldwide outpouring of grief.  michael_jackson-2If most of these people are like me though they’re likely grieving for the other “before” Michael – the young pop star genius Michael who won every award available and completely transformed videos and the pop music scene.  The one who’s every song we can identify with some significant moment in our lives since childhood – the one who we’ve always wished could have found the inner peace necessary to live a more normal and happy life –  THIS Michael:

I SO wish things could have turned out differently for him.  I wish he was still making music.  I wish he hadn’t ruined his career.  I wish he hadn’t ruined his face.  I wish he was still just being fantastically talented and  musically brilliant in the way only Michael Jackson (and no one else) could be.Michael_Jackson-Off_The_Wall-FrontalI wish i could still listen to his music without that momentary flash of doubt and distaste.  And I wish i could still feel the pure and innocent fan worship that kept this picture happily posted in my highschool locker:  Michael-Jackson-p06

xoxo  R.I.P. Michael  xoxo



Obama has completed his first 100 days…

3484856538_dd9a1d14bd…and here in Canada, the derision that had been directed towards the US over the last eight years is slowly giving way to a reluctant admiration, even… envy.  I mean seriously, don’t we all wish we had a leader and an administration that was this open, connected, charismatic and (dare i say it) …COOL?


Pictures are from the Official White House photostream on Flickr:

Martin Luther King had a dream….

…and NOW is the time.  CHANGE really has come to America…


…and the rest of the world is watching in complete fascination as

the United States takes this stunning and historic step

toward a different future. 

Congratulations President Obama and best wishes from Canada!

I’m not American… but what the heck!

I (along with most of the free world) am currently watching to see who the US chooses for their new president tonight.   Even the Teenager occasionally peels himself away from his computer to check the stats. 


That was a great acceptance speech – gave me goosebumps.  And, i really, really love these pictures…



It’s Black History Month!

I attended the Black History Month launch events at Parliament Hill where there was one of the most detailed displays of the 400+ years of Canadian Black History i’d ever had the pleasure of seeing.  It was scheduled to travel across Canada for the month of February and is now also available online at the Virtual Musuem of Canada. 

(Click the picture below to get to the link)