Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday Season…

… and my very best wishes go out to you, your family and friends.  Have a wonderful day!

xmas dove


Evelyn & family,

ShebaMakeda Glass Art

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Two pendants also off to a good home

I recently donated these two pendants to the charity silent auction at my office.  I’m happy to say both went to the same home.  Both pendants were wired on sterling silver and came with 18″ sterling silver snake chains.

Spring Rain Pendant: Approx. 2.25″

The pendant is made of opaque and transparent light blue glass, wrapped in pure silver, then lightly sprinkled with several shades of frit (tiny glass chips).  The opaque blue base is slightly reduced to bring out the streaks of red copper within the glass.
Spring Rain 

Autumn Leaves Pendant: Approx. 2.5″

The pendant is made of a white base of glass sprinkled with several shades of powdered enamel and frit.  The tree trunk is made from a tri-colour latticino (twisted glass cane).
Autumn Leaves

Tales from the torch: Nov. 13/07

Custom orders sample 

This bead is a first try at a custom order.  It’s HUGE – approx. 2.5″ – I like it but the colours aren’t working for me.  I used three different shades of red frit for some colour gradations in the leaves and they all came out looking exactly the same.  WAY annoying.

Sample beads 

These are my test beads from last week.  They may not remain tests for long though, as their remakes were NOT an improvement. dammit.

On the good side that bead on the far right is my first bead to ever come out exactly the way i wanted (better even!) – i love it and it’s MINE. 

Aaah well, back to the torch!