Why I love hot glass

Would you believe that those boring beige rods on the left created the fantastic variety of colours in this goddess?? I’m stunned at the depth and intensity, especially since this is the first time I’ve ever used this German glass.  I didn’t even do or try anything special.  I hope you can see at least some of the iridescence.  Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!  can’t wait to play more…

Technical details: 40mm x 16mm, R-106 Reichenbach Iris Dark Brown Opaque (dark raku), 96COE, with a sprinkle of goldstone frit


3 thoughts on “Why I love hot glass

  1. Thanks so much Louise,

    This is the R-106 Iris Dark Brown Opaque (dark raku) from the 96COE range not the R-108 Iris Orange Opaque (regular raku). I can assure you i only get babypoop so far from the regular raku in the 96 as well. I haven’t tried any of the new 104COE Reich colours yet.

    And yes, i’m still on my trusty Hothead – not quite ready to give it up yet… 😉

  2. Love the colours in this bead Evelyn! Especially as I just got some 104 raku from Reichenbach and can’t coax a single colour out of it! Are you still on a hothead? I am, I’ve tried heating and cooling the stuff, waving it around, marvering it, really cooking it and nada, no perty colours for me! Ahh well I shall persist! I really like your godess because she looks primative.

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