Another Hallowe’en come and gone…

I always feel a little pensive on November 1st. 

It means the year is almost over and any remaining projects on my To Do list for this year most likely won’t be done. 

It means I now really have to put away the cute shoes, drag out the boots and socks and stop dreaming about an extended indian summer.

It means instead of kicking my way through huge piles of crisp, brightly coloured leaves, i’ll soon feel the tight crunch of that first snowfall under my feet and see the clouds of my breath leading each step.

It means i have another birthday around the corner – who knows, maybe this year i’ll finally feel grown-up?

It means Christmas (my favourite holiday) is just a few weeks away and I can look forward to several days of aromatic cooking, raucous laughter, steamy windows and the warmth and company of good friends and family.

And it means i better remember to vacuum the filter this time before i turn on the furnace.


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