Goth wedding gift: First peek

IMG_2061In yesterday’s post i showed you this beautiful packaging for a custom order i completed a few weeks ago.  The order was requested as a gift for a Goth wedding – the client wanted something one of a kind, unusual and specifically designed to suit the personalities and lifestyle of the engaged couple.  So what do you get for the couple who has everything?  Why custom, handmade beads of course!!!

I love the design of this box – most especially because it doesn’t have to be destroyed in order to open the gift.  It’s a lovely keepsake that can also be used to store their beads (or anything else they’d like)…  IMG_2081The wedding was yesterday so i guess we can open the gift now, right?  I mean a little peek wouldn’t hurt, would it? 

Here’s the gift card, custom of course… created and signed by me, then aged to suit the theme – I hope they like it!IMG_2080Oh wait… reception… wedding night… late morning…  hmmm, might not be quite time to fully open this gift yet.   We can’t open it before the newlyweds.

Tomorrow might be better, no…?IMG_2062


4 thoughts on “Goth wedding gift: First peek

  1. LOL, you are _terrible_! What a tease. I want to see them already.

    And where are your things for sale? Nothing on etsy or ebay right now? I am hungry for one of your beads.

    Just discovered you tonight thanks to facebook and, oh damn, maybe it was a facebook ad?


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