The wedding gift was opened… shall we?

IMG_2059Y’all remember the box right?

IMG_2081And the custom card?IMG_2080The keepsake box was decadently lined wth satin and crumpled tissue.  5689_225789180623_757255623_8229635_4669694_nEach bead came with its own organza storage bag…IMG_2063Both were wired as pendants with antiqued sterling silver findings… IMG_2070…the goddess decorated with freshwater pearls and the god with (the much more macho) hematite.  IMG_2067The pearls, hematite and glass used for their wings and armour are all beautifully irridescent – i wish it showed better in the photos… 5689_225789240623_757255623_8229639_3887945_nI also added removable antiqued chains to bind them together… 5689_225815765623_757255623_8230182_7566506_nIsn’t this a lovely picture?  This one too…IMG_2075And of course, most importantly… their reaction:

“Hi Evelyn, they were speechless and like WOW. They loved the gift.  They even thanked me 2 days later for such a unique gift, Marilyne noted that she loves and collects boxes so the packaging was great and the small skull on it Marilyne noticed right away. They said it was the the most unique thing they had ever seen. I think they were blown away by it and Shawn said, when you said you got crafted beads done, I just thought they would be traditional, this is WOW…WOW!”IMG_2042This was hands down one of the most enjoyable custom orders i have ever worked on – i had SO much fun both researching Goth culture and designing the beads and getting the packaging made for the final order.  

Thanks for your patience everyone, and I hope you all enjoyed this little adventure as much as I did.


Not yet…


I haven’t heard word if the newlyweds have opened the gift yet…

Goth wedding gift: First peek

IMG_2061In yesterday’s post i showed you this beautiful packaging for a custom order i completed a few weeks ago.  The order was requested as a gift for a Goth wedding – the client wanted something one of a kind, unusual and specifically designed to suit the personalities and lifestyle of the engaged couple.  So what do you get for the couple who has everything?  Why custom, handmade beads of course!!!

I love the design of this box – most especially because it doesn’t have to be destroyed in order to open the gift.  It’s a lovely keepsake that can also be used to store their beads (or anything else they’d like)…  IMG_2081The wedding was yesterday so i guess we can open the gift now, right?  I mean a little peek wouldn’t hurt, would it? 

Here’s the gift card, custom of course… created and signed by me, then aged to suit the theme – I hope they like it!IMG_2080Oh wait… reception… wedding night… late morning…  hmmm, might not be quite time to fully open this gift yet.   We can’t open it before the newlyweds.

Tomorrow might be better, no…?IMG_2062

Special packaging for a custom order…

IMG_2057I recently completed a custom order for a wedding and not just any wedding  but a Goth wedding!  If you’ve never seen a Goth wedding it’s definitely worth googling.  The pictures range from downright funny to extremely glamorous – and in all the pics (much like any other wedding) the couples and guests look like they’re having a ton of fun… just in highly non-traditional ensembles.IMG_2058I tried to incorporate the dark yet glamourous aspect of the goth culture into the beads but once they were completed realized i couldn’t just deliver them in my normal (fairly simple) packaging – especially since this was meant as a wedding gift!  

So i called my neighbour Sean (master merchandiser and designer of my past show displays) for help once again.  I told him i needed something elegant, black, gothic and completely over the top.  I’d found one picture of a Goth bride who arrived at her ceremony in a coffin – a look  i thought was hilarious and particularly appropriate for the theme.  I explained the vague idea of what i wanted, Sean nodded, disappeared… and the next day he showed up at my door with  THIS:IMG_2059

My jaw literally dropped, i swallowed whatever i’d been in the process of saying, was left mouth hanging open and all i could strangle out was a less than eloquent “HOLY SH*T!!!”  Have you ever seen anything so beautifully designed and so very suitable to the theme???  I immediately dropped whatever i was doing and gave him a big hug and a huge thank you!  Doesn’t he just completely ROCK???  His custom designed packaging was so far beyond my expectations!!

Soooo… I guess you’d like to take a peek inside?IMG_2060Not yet.   Like the bride and groom, you’ll have to wait until after the wedding (it’s today)…