Special packaging for a custom order…

IMG_2057I recently completed a custom order for a wedding and not just any wedding  but a Goth wedding!  If you’ve never seen a Goth wedding it’s definitely worth googling.  The pictures range from downright funny to extremely glamorous – and in all the pics (much like any other wedding) the couples and guests look like they’re having a ton of fun… just in highly non-traditional ensembles.IMG_2058I tried to incorporate the dark yet glamourous aspect of the goth culture into the beads but once they were completed realized i couldn’t just deliver them in my normal (fairly simple) packaging – especially since this was meant as a wedding gift!  

So i called my neighbour Sean (master merchandiser and designer of my past show displays) for help once again.  I told him i needed something elegant, black, gothic and completely over the top.  I’d found one picture of a Goth bride who arrived at her ceremony in a coffin – a look  i thought was hilarious and particularly appropriate for the theme.  I explained the vague idea of what i wanted, Sean nodded, disappeared… and the next day he showed up at my door with  THIS:IMG_2059

My jaw literally dropped, i swallowed whatever i’d been in the process of saying, was left mouth hanging open and all i could strangle out was a less than eloquent “HOLY SH*T!!!”  Have you ever seen anything so beautifully designed and so very suitable to the theme???  I immediately dropped whatever i was doing and gave him a big hug and a huge thank you!  Doesn’t he just completely ROCK???  His custom designed packaging was so far beyond my expectations!!

Soooo… I guess you’d like to take a peek inside?IMG_2060Not yet.   Like the bride and groom, you’ll have to wait until after the wedding (it’s today)…


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