Tales from the Torch: More pregnant goddesses

These are so much fun to make!  I’m still refining and experimenting with the shapes and colours (from left to right):  All are 1.75″-2.5″

Metallic Moss:This goddess was supposed to be a deep blue colour but i somehow managed to reduce this furnace glass to a weird (but way cool!) metallic green colour.  i absolutely did not expect  this and hope i can recreate this technique, it’s fantastic!

Purple Rose: I love this furnace glass – it gives a great mottled purple ranging from very light to deep with minimal effort.  I even reduced her a bit for some dark interest. 

Sandy Gold: I love, love the depth of colour in this one and the odd little streak that developed across her belly – makes her look like she’s been carved from stone.  I ran out fuel making her, so popped her in the kiln to keep warm and swapped tanks.  But then when i took her out to finish the sculpting i decided i liked her very raw, slightly unformed finish and left her just as she was…

More Grey Goddesses:

i made the one on the left in May (or was it June?) and then tried to replicate the effect using the same glass. 

This is a white furnace glass that when reduced develops this awesome streaky grey finish that is also slightly irridescent.  I still haven’t figured out how i created the metallic effect on the first one but i did manage to get two other cool looks. 

Hard to beleive these are all made pretty much the same way from the exact same glass!

Question i’ve been recently asked: So what does one do with these goddesses?

Well…they can be framed (i think they’d look lovely in a trio of shadow box frames) or for a more personal connection they can be worn as a pendant.  Here’s an example:


15 thoughts on “Tales from the Torch: More pregnant goddesses

  1. Good day,

    Your goddesses are soooooo beautiful. How would like to buy one or two (as a pendant)… But I would like to know the measurements… Do you have some available in black or white.

    Thank you.

    Veronique Gelinas
    Gatineau (Aylmer)

  2. I just love these…you are such an inspiration to me to keep at my torch even though it’s already about 150 degrees outside on my torching patio before I even start…

  3. These are wonderful!!!!
    I am planning a fundraiser around Labor Day to support our legislative push to legalize home birth with Certified Professional Midwives in Alabama. (Yes it is still illegal here) I have been looking for fertility goddess pendants to sell. We expect a pile of birth advocates to come to the event and I know they would LOVE these pendants.
    Thanks so much
    Dalia Abrams
    Childbirth Educator,
    Breastfeeding counselor

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