Remembering our Black veterans…

Click the picture to be taken to a transcript of this memo.Thankfully, this very uninformed General was proven wrong many, many times over.


(Click the pictures to be taken to transcripts of each memo.  Thankfully, these very uninformed officials were proven wrong many, many times over.)

A Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC) quote which pretty much sums up a very sad situation:

“Black military heritage in Canada is generally unknown and unwritten.

However, black Canadians have a long and honourable tradition of patriotism, sacrifice and heroism in the British, Canadian and American armed forces.”

I do my best to dig up what i can find but it’s always a struggle to find historically accurate information.  Here’s what i could find this year:

My post from Remembrance Day 2007: A Moment of Silence please…

VAC features:

Canada’s Black Contribution and The Second Construction Battalion

Honour Before Glory

Conscription notice

Conscription notice

Montreal Gazette (1992): Remembering the other forgotten soldier

Toronto Telegram, 1918: Colored Men are Barred (from enlisting)

Montreal Star, 1975, feature on Black Veteran Seymour who fought in both world wars: Wounded he went back for more

More from (awesome reference site!): Short summaries of several Black Canadian WWII veterans

We’re not the only community struggling to have our veterans’ past service recognized:

British West Indies Regiment, September 1916

British West Indies Regiment, September 1916

Wikipedia (Caribbean & Africa): British West Indies Regiment

BBC News, 2004 (UK): Black Veterans War Role Highlighted

Channel 4 feature (UK):  British West Indian Regiment (BWIR) Veterans

The Gaurdian, 2002 (UK): There Were No Parades for Us

VAC feature: Chinese-Canadian Veterans

From the Flickr group 20th Century Black History: Black Veterans image search results

NPR from 2004 (US): Black WWII Veterans Reunite in Normandy

NPR from 2007 (US): Oral History Captures Black Veterans’ Experiences

Colorado College (US): African Americans in Early American Military History

Magazine excerpt (US): The Black Corps of Engineers and the Construction of the Alaska (ALCAN) Highway


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