I’m back from the ISGB 2010 Gathering…

my goodies from the bead swap and some Bead Bazaar purchases

…and trying to take it all in.  I had a FABULOUS time and have so much information now whirling around in my head i need a few more days to let it all settle in. The one thing i can say is i now completely understand why other beadmakers get so excited about going every year – it was 1001 times better than i expected – the demos, energy, eye candy, meeting beadmaking and glass legends, making new friends…  I can’t wait to go again!

I’ve slowly been loading the pics to my Facebook – so if you haven’t seen them yet, take a look there… I’ll try to load them to Flickr as well (for the non-FBers) by this weekend.

I’m off to the ISGB Gathering

Grace and I are heading off today to attend the Gathering – the annual convention of the International Society of Glassbeadmakers – in Rochester, New York.   This will be my first time attending and i’m beyond excited!  I’ve wanted to attend this conference since i first lit a torch four years ago…

So the demo went well…

We showed up, set up a little display area and then Grace (the Glass Shoppe Studio owner) introduced me to the group.  There was a good range of skills in  the crowd – from people who’d never heard of lampworking and beginners who had just finished class a bit earlier to experienced lampworkers. 

I’d brought an example of the bead I was going to demo – a winged goddess made with glass that resembles Moonstone.  I actually had to steal that goddess from the Teenager since he claimed it for his collection right after the show.  I have to remember to give it back to him – the actual bead i demoed is on display in the “Vase of Fame” at the store.

I was pretty nervous at first but calmed down a bit as the demo got going.  Everyone seemed interested and asked questions plus from since my very first attempt, I’ve always found goddess beads incredibly calming and relaxing to make… they just flow with (from?) me. 

All kinds of ridiculous things happened – like i talked so much answering questions that i forgot to keep the bead heated and it cracked along the mandrel and a piece flew off her butt (doh!).  It was pretty funny as those were the sorts of errors i used to make as a newb but rarely do anymore.  So then of course, I took the opportunity to demo how to carefully heal a cracked bead without melting away all the details!

Once the demo was done i stayed to talk with the various people there including two lampworkers who just moved here from Winnipeg who I’d previously only ever communicated with online.  Being the demo artist was a ton of fun (despite my nerves) and now that it’s over I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity and looking forward to being asked to do it all again!

The Glass Shoppe is the first studio solely dedicated to lampworking (no fusing, stained glass, etc.) in Ottawa and was sorely needed!   Grace has an awesome set-up – lots of torches, great ventilation, spacious workstations, comfortable seating – i could go on… She also showcases the work of many local and Canadian glass bead artists and plans to bring in famous instructors (Yippee!!). 

I left several of my goddess beads and some jewellery for sale there so do stop by and have a look! 

I’ll be in the New Art Festival next weekend…

(click either of these pics to print details in larger format)

Hope to see you there!


I’m trying eBay again…

I made my first sale on Etsy this week (THANK YOU!!!) so giddy with my first official online store success, i’ve decided to dust off my crushed ego and try eBay again (September was just a slow month, right? right??).  

I’ve relisted the two Pear Tree beads and the Liquid Fire goddess bead HERE.  They are really some of the best beads i’ve made – all three came out of the kiln better than i expected.  I have a couple more beads i’m planning to list next week as well.  Take a look, auctions end October 15th.   Happy bidding!

UPDATE 10/19:  well, it seems eBay was not the right market for these beads – I’ll list them to my Etsy store this week instead… In other news, i received the loveliest thank you note from my first Etsy buyer.  It makes me so happy when i know the recipient loves their bead as much as i do!