…finally, FINALLY I’ve bonded with the new torch!!!  It took me several months, mega frustration (some tears) and lots of practice.  But over the past couple sessions i think i’ve finally found a comfort zone with the new Mega Minor and even stopped missing my HotHead.


I’ve now figured out the right combination of oxygen and propane required to produce the Mega’s best neutral, oxidizing and best of all the REDUCTION flame – most important for me since the latter is the flame i prefer for certain effects.  It’s only ever needed for a few seconds but ohhh the lovely shimmery effects those seconds produce…


I’ve even discovered the sweet spot so my stringer work is vastly improving.  The torch is hot, hot, HOT so i’m working fast and big without ever having to worry about a freezing tank or cooling flame.   I’ve only pushed the Mega to make 2″ beads so far but they were made so easily, I know 3″ and 4″ beads and sculptures are not far behind.


giving my cousin a quick lesson

I think i’ll be able to work with this torch for a good while:  it has nice hot flame but not so hot that it overmelts fine details.  It has great radiant heat so large beads don’t cool too quickly and all those stringers and shorts just under the torch stay warm and are less shocky.  It also makes a great pinpoint flame for when i only need to heat a small area of the bead.

All in all i can now finally say yes, i’m very, very, VERY happy with this new torch.  It’s incredibly sexy looking (i just LOVE the red), easy to use and seems really very well made.  A lot of other (some MUCH more expensive) torches were suggested to me but at this point in my development i think they would have been overkill.  I’m a big focal beadmaker (soft glass only) and so far the Mega Minor on one 5lpm concentrator was the perfect upgrade for me.